Parent-Student Handbook



Lunch/recess extends from 11:45 – 12:30 (1st grade), 12:10—12:55 (2nd & 3rd grade), 12:40-1:25 (4th & 5th grade) and is divided into time for eating and time for recess. Lunchtime aides supervise children who stay at Somerville for lunch.

If Your Child Goes Home For Lunch

  • Children must go to the Main Office to sign out upon departure and sign-in upon return.  

  • Please inform the teacher in writing which days your child will leave for lunch.

If Your Child Stays at School for Lunch

  • Your child will be eating lunch with his/her class in the cafeteria.  

  • You may send a lunch or order a school lunch.

If Your Child Forgets To Bring Lunch from Home

  • Please drop off lunch on the table in front of the main office (clearly marked with your child’s name) and the lunch aides will have your child come to check the table for their lunch.

  • Please do not take the lunch to your child’s classroom.


Students will have outside recess every day, weather permitting.  Students should dress accordingly.  Decisions to have outside recess during cold weather are made by the principal.  These decisions depend upon the temperature and the wind chill factor.  Only students with medical excuses will be allowed to remain in the building during scheduled outside breaks.

Students will have supervised indoor recess on days when bad weather prevents outside recess.  Students can play quietly in the classroom.