Food Policy



Please read carefully!

With the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004, the U.S. Congress established a requirement that all school districts with a federally funded school meals program develop and implement wellness policies that address nutrition and physical activity. As of September 1, 2007, Ridgewood’s Board Policy #3542.1 affects us in the following ways:

  •  NO CANDY or SODA may be sent to school for classroom treats, birthdays, or other celebrations (i.e., Halloween, Valentine’s Day.)  

  •  Teachers may not give candy or any food as rewards.  

  •  Peanut butter, nuts, and any food items containing such will not be served in the schools.

  • Snacks may be consumed in the classroom however, only healthy snacks are permitted.


  •  Students may celebrate their birthdays in school with their classmates in a fun, food-free manner.  

  •  Every student will have his/her name announced on the appropriate day in the morning announcements.  

  •  Each student will receive a birthday treat and handshake from Dr. Oates-Santos.

  •  The student will decide, in conjunction with the teacher, how to celebrate the birthday as a class.  Some possibilities include an extra recess, kickball, guest reader or in-class free time.   


  •  Prior to any party, teachers should meet with party coordinators to discuss appropriate activities and refreshments.  

  •  Refreshments can include but cannot exceed 1 serving of a sweet or high fat content food per student as well as healthy options.  

  •  All drinks should be 100% fruit juice or water.

  •  No candy is permitted.

  •  Any foods to be distributed must be accompanied by a list of ingredients.


  •  A goal of the policy is that as students learn about healthy nutrition, they will bring healthy beverages and lunches to school; however, the guidelines do not limit what students can bring to school for their own consumption.