Visitor Etiquette



All outside doors are kept locked during the morning and afternoon sessions.  Visitors must present themselves at the Main Entrance on South Pleasant Avenue to be admitted.  Parent/guardians and other visitors are required to report to the Main Office upon entering the building.

Please remember to follow these procedures when visiting Somerville School:

  • Ring the buzzer and tell the Main Office the purpose of your visit (teacher conference, library volunteer, art docent, etc.)

  • When admitted, proceed to the Main Office.

  • Sign in the Visitor’s Log on the desk in the Main Office and receive a Visitor’s Badge.

  • Wear the Visitor Badge at all times during your visit.

  • Make sure to sign out before you exit the building.  Leaving the building from any door other than the Main Entrance is not permitted.


For numerous reasons, including allergies and liability, dogs and other pets are prohibited from school property during school hours.


Please do not ask that your children be summoned to the Main Office for forgotten items unless it is an emergency.  Do not go to your child’s classroom with items to deliver to avoid disrupting classes as much as possible.  Classes will not be interrupted for forgotten instruments, homework assignments, lunches, etc.  These items may be placed on the table in front of the Main Office for pick-up.  Please write your child’s name and grade on any items you leave on the table.