Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement  Grades 2-5


Dear Parents,

Throughout the course of this school year, your child will be utilizing various technology tools to enhance his/her learning experience in the classroom. The following is a technology agreement that covers specific terms of technology use to be followed at all times, beyond the Acceptable Use Policy that is currently on Skyward. Please read this over with your child, then sign and return the last page to your child’s teacher.

Lorna Oates-Santos


Purpose Statement

This school year, your child will have access to the following technology equipment:

  • Chromebook

    • Access to Google Drive, Docs, Slides and other Google Apps

    • Access to the Internet

    • Access to interact with other classmates

    • Access to all classwork at school and at home

  • iPad

    • Access to Apple Apps

    • Access to the Internet

The use of these technology tools allows teachers to expand instructional methods and enhance instructional delivery, enrich student performance, and increase student engagement. Internet access is available to all students and teachers which offers a wide variety of educational opportunities. The school district is in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act and has installed technology protection measures for all computers in the school district, including computers in media centers/libraries that block and/or filter content.

Student Technology Agreement Terms

As a student at Somerville School, I promise to use technology tools correctly and responsibly. I agree to follow these rules:

  1. I will use all technology tools in a responsible and careful manner. I will not damage hardware and software or change any settings without adult permission.

  2. I will use technology tools and the Internet at school for schoolwork only. I will only use the programs, websites, applications and databases that my teacher has approved.

  3. I will not share my passwords with anyone other than my teacher; I will not use another student’s password to access his/her account for any reason.

  4. I will use technology tools to interact with others appropriately. I will not use technology tools to tease, harass, frighten, or bully anyone.

  5. I will not download, view, send, or display inappropriate pictures or messages.

  6. I will not use technology tools to play online games that have not been approved by my teacher.

  7. I will not give out personal information about me or others (such as name, address, or telephone number) on the Internet.

  8. I will obey the copyright laws and not take credit for someone else’s work.

  9. I will promptly tell an adult if I see or read something that is inappropriate, dangerous, threatening, or makes me feel uncomfortable.

  10. I understand that my work on the computer is not private and that use of the computer and Internet at Somerville School is a privilege, not a right.

Students: I have read this agreement and understand all of the school rules related to using computers and the Internet at Travell School, as well as the consequences. I will do my best to follow all of the rules and be a good digital citizen.

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Grade _______________       Date _____/_____/____

Parents: I have read and discussed this Technology Acceptable Use Agreement with my child. I give permission for my child to use technology tools at Travell School, and I understand that it is a privilege for my child to utilize them. I agree that my child will do his/her best to follow the rules and will abide by the consequences if any rules are broken.

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