Bicycle Policy


Riding your bike to school is a great way to get exercise and reduce the congestion on the streets around the school.  In an effort to keep our students safe, please review the following guidelines and share with your child.

1.  Riding a bike to and from school requires a level of independence.  Please evaluate carefully whether your child is able to take on this responsibility.  

2.  Bikes must be individually locked in the bike racks each day.

3. Bikes are not to be ridden on school grounds or on the sidewalk in front of the school. Children should dismount on the approach to school and walk to the bike racks.

4. Bicycles may not be borrowed or loaned without permission by the adult owner.

5. Children are required to wear helmets as per NJ State Law.

6. Students must be able to lock and unlock the bicycle without assistance.

7.  Only bicycle riding is permitted.  

I would love to see students and parents biking together to and from school whenever possible.  Honestly, riding a bike is – quite simply – fun!  Please adhere to these guidelines closely and enjoy the ride!

Dr. Lorna Oates-Santos
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