Arrival & Dismissal


Drop off & Pick-Up Locations & Procedures Each grade level will enter and exit the building at a separate doorway listed below. There is signage on the sidewalk to guide students around standing six feet apart while waiting to enter. Masks should be worn by any children and adults who are waiting in line to enter the building. Entry will begin at 8:20 AM through 8:45 AM. After 8:45 AM, all students must enter through the flag pole door and will be considered tardy. Kindergarten: K Doors near playground 1st Grade: Door into ‘new wing’ by the rear of the K playground 2nd Grade: Gym Entrance 3rd Grade: Flag Pole Door 4th Grade: Door to the right of the Flag Pole Door 5th Grade: Door to the right of the Gym Entrance For end-of-the-day pick-up, students will stand at the designated grade level locations with their teacher or a teaching assistant and wait to be picked up (unless the child is marked on the dismissal form as being able to leave the building independently).